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Replace your passwords, pins, tokens, complicated hardware, and MFA recovery procedures with your unique behaviours today.

All of our products and services are built around the following three goals:

  1. 1. Ensure and certify your identity
  2. 2. Ensure privacy from your surroundings
  3. 3. Continuously maintain your security

8th Sensus invented a new way to identify you transparently anywhere, anytime on any device

Our Services


8th Sensus is proud to present our flagship EVE which addresses industry gaps in Identity Access. EVE is an endpoint behavioral machine learning agent designed to protect your information by continuously certifying your identity and privacy anywhere, anytime on any device.

Powered by our patented behavioral machine learning engine, EVE replaces passwords, pins, tokens, complicated hardware, and MFA recovery procedures with the biometrics of your behaviors and continuous review of your surroundings to establish the most secure and private digital experience in the industry.

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How It Works

Identity Certification

We ensure and certify your identity

Data Privacy

We ensure you data is private regardless of where you anywhere in the world

Continuously Identity Certifications

We certify your identity and data privacy continuously


Total time from registration to up and running 5 minutes. Easily check in from the comfort of your remote office. Confidently work on legal, medical and financial documents in your Chrome Browser anywhere.

You become the Identity authentication
Just You. All You.

Our proprietary machine learning algorithms deliver your personalized and secure access.


Security should be seamless and not interrupt the jobs to be done. You no longer need usb, bluetooth or card based hardware, nor do you need to remember passwords, pins or sequences.


We protect you 100% of the time, not just at the beginning of a transaction. The days of spoofing, hacking and sharing credentials are gone.

Works Online and Offline

Continuously protects you both online and offline ensuring constant access to your work surface regardless of internet connection.

Contained Security

Our proprietary technology creates complete isolation for you and your assets -- ensuring individual and enterprise containment.

Discover true security

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Perfectly designed

The administrative dashboard provides end-to-end management of your consumer or private cloud identity solution. The Admin Portal makes it easy to manage security integration into active directory and most public vendor security frameworks.

Leadership Team

Identity Management is hard and expensive. We believe in celebrating the things that make each of us unique, and using them to personalize identity access.

Kevin McNamara | CEO

Our belief is that thoughtful design and passionate teams produce unprecedented value for our customers

Jaime De La Fuente | COO

We believe in building responsible technology that drives customer value.

Matthew Mills | CTO

We believe in building responsible technology that drives customer value.

Theresa McNamara | Head of Product

Everyone is different. We're passionate about understanding those differences, and leveraging them to provide your unique access. All you...all the time.

Brett Melito | Marketing Analyst

We think about how to reach our customers and connect with their needs every day.

Mussie Haile | Head of Mobile Development

We think about how our customers use our mobile devices in every facet of their lives. Then we build on-purpose solutions that enable seemless functionality.

Kenaida Bailey-Mills | Research Analyst

We derive value from custom engagement. It is on us to make sure customers connect with our product.

Keith Hinkle | Senior Data Scientist

We believe in building responsible technology that drives customer value.

Billy Matkovich

Financial services technology executive with a record of creating a vision, setting strategy and delivering secure, innovative, enterprise-grade technology solutions to solve business problems with a specialty in strategic-direction planning, professional leadership and budget management. Driven personality and practiced critical thinker who takes a scientific approach to problem solving.

Rajiv Kanna

Rajiv Kanna works as Vice President of Customer Success at GAVS Technologies N.A, a global IT services provider with focus on AI-led Managed Services and Digital Transformation. Rajiv has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the field of Information Technology and held positions in Technical and Executive leadership with focus across Service Delivery, Transition, Transformation and Technology innovation. In the last 10 Years, he has been focusing on Digital transformation in Healthcare for some of the leading Hospitals, Social Services agencies and Payers.

Mussie Haile

Mr. Haile is the founder and CEO of Moya Technologies, Inc., a Federal Technology consulting services company and RevoltCypher LLC., a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform & services company with a mission to enable a smarter and more connected system that is Blockchain for government and commercial entities. Mr. Haile is a seasoned technologist with over 27-years of experience with a keen understanding of how to leverage technology planning, security risk management and security operations and implementation methods to deploy business solutions and ensure measurable outcomes.

Tyler Reynolds

Tyler Reynolds specialize in bringing new technologies to market and have sold software on 4 continents and the very first software license for 3 different products / start-ups.
"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." – Henry Ford

Solutions Verticals

8th Sense provides complete Consumer and Enterprise identity authentication
8s Consumer

Public Cloud Delivered

The 8s Consumer journey includes a simple cloud registration to deployment in under 15 minutes. Users can then select security preferences on the fly, completing fine grained controls.
8s Enterprise

Private Cloud Delivered

The 8s Enterprise journey includes an administrator on-premise installation, simple employee onboarding, quarantined employee enrollment, active directory/ ldap integration APIs and ongoing administrative profiling

Our workflow

Generally, every customer - consumer or enterprise follows a parallel journey.

Phase 1

Customers register and enroll in a basic biometric genesis process. Then the customer downloads the 8s Machine Learning Agent to their assets. Genesis
5 minute process

Phase 2

Once installed the customer then follows a 2 step process which bonds the user to the asset via 8s Machine Learning. Step#1: Select a mouse pattern and assert a basic camera match. Step#2: 8s iteratively deep learns furhter human dimensionality transparently in the background. Human Deep Learning
Initial user training is accomplished in 5 minutes followed by background deep learning which iterates over 24 hours.

Phase 3

During the Steady State phase users reap the benefits of 8s IAM completely removing passords, pins, phrases, dongles, smart cards or proprietary biometrics. Additionally, profile tuning and performance tracking is avaliable for consumption. Steady State
iterative feedback

What our customers say:

"8th Sensus leapfrogs anything in the identity access management space"
Large Financial Customer
Enterprise from New York
"This is an incredible solution. The impact to compliance will be immense"
Healthcare Provider
based in Georgia
"Good bye passwords!, It's almost eerie how the product knows who you are., I need to put my family on this."
Market Test Group
Large consumer beta test group

Focus Performance Features

We do are not in the business of adding features. We build value that is measured in user excitement.

Our solution scales

8s spans installs from a single user installs to millions of consumer.

Transparent and fast authentication

Transparent Security finally becomes mainstream. Users can now focus on their work without remembering passwords, pins or tokens.

We realize your time is valuable

Users can expect to be up and running in minutes. Background Machine Learning constantly deep learns your behavior for unprecedented experience.

Enterprise Ready

Forget managing complex active directory and ldap tools. 8s seemlessly plugs directly into enterprise security architecture..

8s Pricing

Prices are offered to customers accross the consumer and enterprise verticals
  • Consumer
  • Consumers are charged per user asset managed by 8th Sensus Machine Learning Agent.
  • $1 user asset/ month
  • Personal Profile Dashboard
  • Identity Access
  • Continuous Authentication
  • Agents available for OS X, Windows
  • Agents available for Android and iOS
  • Download
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise customers are charged per seated user including up to 5 devices per user. Additionally, a private cloud manager is provided.
  • please contact us at
  • Private Employee Management Dashboard
  • Identity Access
  • Continuous Athentication
  • Agents available for OS X, Windows
  • Agents available for Android and iOS
  • Support platform
  • Services
  • Prices provided per customer for initial setup, outsourced management and predictive feedback
  • please contact us at
  • Install (Docker, Kubernete, VMware and KVM Images Available)
  • Asset installations
  • Employee Setup
  • Active Directory/ LDAP Integration
  • Custom Dashboards and spashscreens
*8s Provides upfront simple to understand pricing enabling easy customer adoption. Prices: will be posted to our website and are subject to changes.

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8th Sensus, Inc.
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"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." - Albert Einstein

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