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What is our value proposition?

8th Sensus represents a revolution in the identity access management space. We completely remove passwords, pins, tokens, complicated hardware and recovery procedures with your unique behaviors. Your face, body, keyboard, mouse and voice gestures are transparently profiled by our proprietary machine learning to provide three tasks:

  • We ensure and certify your identity
  • We ensure and certify that regardless of where you are you are able to work privately
  • We accomplish both continuously.

Why are we unique?

Our customers are driven to our product because we ensure privacy and identity beyond every othervendor in this space including RSA, Google, Microsoft, Duo, Ping Identity to name a couple. In comparison to every other identity vendor we do not focus on just the login (thereby leaving the desktop/ mobile asset open to anyone, or over the shoulder spying) - we certify your identity and privacy 100% of the time. This is especially critical to our customers in the midst of COVID as everyone works from home/ remotely and post COVID where more businesses are moving toward a hybrid model leaving company data exposed in coffee shops, libraries and public spaces.

How do we deliver the world's most secure identity management?

8th Sensus employs proprietary machine learning technology embedded in endpoint agents designed to bond end point assets to authorized users. Additionally, the 8th Sensus machine learning dubbed EVE adapts to real time conditions for the purpose of complete real time certification.

Why is machine learning necessary?

  • Coverage: EVE is the only way to authenticate an end user 100% of the time.
  • Response Time: EVE constantly authenticates a user every ¼ Second
  • Adaptability: Change out the keyboard, mouse or maybe your voice is harsh because of a cold, no problem: EVE Adapts all the time through recursive learning.
  • Complexity: With EVE, server arrays and complex software installs/ management and associated headcounts are not needed.
  • On/ Offline: EVE works whether you are connected to the internet or are offline
  • Cost: Because EVE removes traditional complexity and headcount costs there is 0 CAPEX costs and extremely low OPEX.

Features, Capabilities & Benefits


  • User Behavior is acquired from any camera, keyboard, mouse and microphone
  • All behavior profiles are assessed as multi factor authentications every 1/10th of second
  • Manage per application and per browser tab authentication
  • Standard feature: Continuous Authentication
  • Single shared workstation multi-user ready
  • Multiple workstation single user ready

Privacy Assertion

  • Physical background assessed continuously via camera field of vision
  • Auditory checks continuously checked for multiple parties
  • Users/ Enterprises can enable over the shoulder checks on the fly or as a GPO rule
  • Users/ Enterprises can enable Single face, and multiple face

Bridged Vendor Support

  • Certified to work as a bridge to the following vendors
    • RSA
    • Microsoft Active Directory
    • Imprivata
    • Sailpoint
    • Duo


  • Integrate with 8th Sensus EVE™ with other third-party MFA solutions
  • Works with SMART Cards, Fingerprint readers and dongles
  • Utilize customized authentication methods for any scenario
  • Utilize contextual data such as location, device type and network to develop risk-based rules

Forensics and Scale

  • Collect and aggregate identity attributes from any number of sources, including external identity repositories or attribute services
  • Distributed architecture supports scaling for high-performance, cost-effective identity infrastructures
  • Product works on and offline after initial training


  • Registration and self-service profile management
  • Customizable branding including registration, login, email templates, text messages and more
  • Easily configurable for multiple identity types and user populations


  • Zoom aware
  • Cisco aware
  • Hangout aware
  • Teams aware

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"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." - Albert Einstein

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